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Bruno Koob
Born in Germany
49 years
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Barry Harnamji Thinking of Lisa and Bruno October 8, 2009

Lisa, today is 29 months since I lost my Robert.  It's been quite a painful last few months.  Thank you for all your kind words.  I read your words all the time on Robert's Guest Book and I think of you often as well.  You are a wise and gracious person.  I still enjoy looking at the photos of you and Bruno because they are a testament of your true love. 


Your friend if you ever need,


Barry Harnamji Thinking of Lisa and Bruno August 20, 2009
Lisa, although we don’t personally know each other, we connected on the Legacy forum and shared the incredible love and emotion we have for our beloved.  From the photos of you and Bruno, I can see how much you meant to each other.  I know this day was painful for you and, as usual, I have no words of comfort.  I wanted to thank you, though, for sharing your wisdom and insight.  Barry
Michael S. Cantell Brother February 10, 2009

In the memory of our beloved Brother!


We miss you!! You will never be forgotten!! You will live on in our hearts!!!

I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till We Meet Again!!


Your Brother now & thru the Eternities,


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