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Bruno Koob
Born in Germany
49 years
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Life story
February 25, 1959
Born in on February 25, 1959.
November 20, 2008
Passed away on November 20, 2008.

Bruno was the best husband, father, son,brother & opa that anyone anywhere could have asked for.


Bruno has two sons from his first marriage who were the light of his life. Cody Koob and David Koob. No prouder father have I ever seen. Even though they did'nt always seen eye to eye he loved his son's unconditionaly and without fail.

Bruno also had 3 "step children" with me, however he never looked at my children as step kids they were all his and he loved them all with all his heart. Never did Bruno treat my children different then his own.


Bruno was a proud Opa of 7 grandchildren that he did'nt get to spend as much time with as he would have liked to. One of them not at all. But this did not stop him from loving each of them the same.


Bruno and I were married Novemeber 4, 2006 we had just celebrated our 2nd anniversary before his passing. We did'nt have much time together but the time that I did have with him was the best  that I could have asked for and I would'nt change a thing.


Baby you will live on forever in my heart and through your sons all of them.

We all miss you so so much.